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Application of Programming Intelligence and Key Information Kits [APIKIK]

Why Does APIKIK Exist?

This platform exists to brand company sectors on how to adopt tacts and uses of smartphone for management and empower smartphone users in order to work remotely by convenience.

Why Smartphones?

Improved flexibility:

Smartphones allow employees to work from anywhere, anytime. This level of flexibility enables workers to be more productive and responsive to their clients' needs.

Enhanced security:

Many smartphones come with built-in security features such as biometric authentication and encryption. This makes them a more secure option than laptops, especially for employees who work remotely or travel frequently.

Better camera technology:

Smartphones often have high-quality cameras that can be used for video conferencing and taking photos on the job. This can be especially useful for workers in industries such as real estate, where photos and videos are an essential part of the job.

Longer battery life:

In general, smartphones have a longer battery life than laptops. This means that employees can use their devices for longer periods without needing to recharge, making them a more reliable option for workers on the go.

Access to cloud-based services:

Many companies now rely on cloud-based services such as Google Drive and Dropbox to store and share files. Smartphones make it easy for employees to access these services from anywhere, allowing them to collaborate on projects and share information in real-time.

Which Digital Skills and How?

Website Design

This is one of the lucrative skills in the digital community. One can learn Website Editing, the simplest of all classes in Website Design. With a smartphone, Pagelayer is one of the best website editors. However, going for Coding pays much more. Writing programming languages for a website makes the website unique and concentrated. One can write website codes and programming languages with a smartphone using Pydroid 3 IDE for Python, HTML Editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, etc. To run other programming languages like Rust, one can use online IDE.

Website Management

This involves the process of managing website contents e.g graphic, writings, updates, etc. It is connected to Website Design. However, there are differences between them.

Graphic Design

This is meant for advertisement. It involves the visual representation of what a company, business, product, service, etc. is all about in a graphical form. With a smartphone, one can manage the standard visual representation of his or her company, business, products and services. Some useful smart apps for this are PixelLab, Logo Maker, Banner Maker, etc. while Photopea is an online Photoshop and excellent site for graphic exhibitions.

Other Acceptable Digital Skills Are;

Social Media Marketing, Advertisement Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Content Writing, etc.

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