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Application of Programming Intelligence and Key Information Kits [APIKIK]

We are into branding of companies, businesses, organizations, and other sectors that are digital world dependent using our smart tools.

How Do We Achieve This?

Channel or Community Creation:

This involves the creation of a community or group where all the targeted clients are met. This is an initial process.


This involves three series of processes which are;

Product Analysis



Clients Redirecting:

This involves redirecting the needy clients in the products or services to the channel or community created for this purpose.

We are also committed to training students on how to be financially stable using a smartphone.

How Do We Achieve This?

Presenting A List of Digital Skills That Are Smartphone Supported e.g Website Design, Website Editing, Writing, App Development, Graphic Design, Coding, Ad Running, etc.

Guidance and Counselling on Which Skill to Choose After A Series of Tests.

Required Smart Tools or Apps Installation.

Gaining Access to Our Platform

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